Overview of Swiss women’s watches Aerowatch from the collection of Homage 1910

watches Aerowatch from the collection of Homage 1910

White color and black color. Their combination. For one person this is a classic, for another, it’s the two most “deep,” underestimated colors, and some even say that they could not permanently live surrounded by these flowers.

We respected all opinions and did not miss the opportunity to take a closer look at two models of women’s watches with a chronograph – almost completely white, and their opposite – almost completely black. The independent Swiss company Aerowatch created this watch, they represent the collection Hommage 1910. The word “Hommage” in French means “reverence,” expressed not only in 1910, which became the time of the base of the watch-house Aerowatch but also the whole beautiful floor. And, of course, two colors beloved by many people – white and black. 

Review of Aerowatch

watches Aerowatch


The diameter of the hulls for the models is the same – 38 mm, with a thickness of 11.5 mm. The stability of the body to shocks and the appearance of scratches is more than worthy because it is made of stainless steel. The dial also needs protection, so the Aerowatch masters covered the watch dials with the AA03 and AA04 chronograph with convex sapphire glasses.

A small presence of red color on the dial by someone can be regarded as a violation of the harmony of black and white. In our opinion, the red details of the deal presented in the minority, it does not spoil it at all. And some of the dials, of course, decorate – it’s eight diamonds, they are located on the entire circumference of the dial. The calendar aperture on the models is located at the 6-hour mark.


watches Aerowatch

Chronograph, stopwatch, calendar in the women’s watch with the chronograph Aerowatch from the collection Hommage 1910 work thanks to the quartz caliber G15.211 produced by the famous Swiss company ETA. The mechanism of ETA G15.211 is known among watchmakers as a reliable and undemanding caliber, conscientiously fulfilling its tasks. The diameter of the mechanism in the assembly is 23.3 mm, thickness – 5.25 mm, as jewels used six precious stones. The crown of the watch is also decorated with a stone in the form of a cabochon.

Aerowatch specialists developed watches from the collection Hommage 1910, including, and for sports, but only on land. Tennis, horseback riding, anything, but not scuba diving! The waterproof watch AA03 and AA04 are at the level of “50 m” – the back cover, and the dial glass will withstand the water pressure if the owner suddenly wants to swim only on the surface slowly, without submerging.

watches Aerowatch

The straps on the sports watch Aerowatch Hommage 1910 are made of leather, their buckles repeat the color of the case. Silver color slightly “dilutes” the influence of black and white colors, which is not so bad, because some people do not like completely black and white objects, they need at least one additional color.

Are you such a girl? The windows are already February, spring is coming soon, and you started looking for a new watch for the warm season? Well, then this Aerowatch is a chronograph for you!

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