Review of men’s German watches Bruno Sohnle

Review of men’s German watches Bruno Sohne 

The square shapes in the watch industry stand in the same order as the round watch cases. Both formats represent the classics. The German company Bruno Sohnle (Bruno Zone) since 1955 produces watches, suitable for all occasions. The collection of men’s quartz watches Novum, born by the efforts of the masters of the German watch house Bruno Sohnle, promises not to disappoint fans of straight lines and strict color combinations.

Bruno Sohnle specifications:

Type of mechanism:quartzquartz
Caliber:Ronda 1009 modification of BSRonda 1009 modification of BS
Housing:steelsteel with gilding 10mkm
Clock face:the blackwhite
A bracelet:steelleather belt
Water protection:30metrov30metrov
Glass:Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coatingSapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
The calendar:numbernumber
Dimensions:33x33mm, thickness 5.8mm33x33mm, thickness 5.8mm

At the heart of all models of the Novum, the collection is the quartz caliber Ronda 1009, improved by the specialists of Bruno Sohnle, which is indicated by the notation “BS” in the column “mechanism” in the watch certificate. All presented watches are similar in the dimensions of the case – 33×33 mm with a thickness of 5.8 mm on each model. All the shells of the “brothers” from this family are made of steel, the dials are covered with a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, the manufacturer claims water protection is 30 meters for all models, which means that you can not swim with them. The aperture of the calendar on all men’s watches Bruno Sohnle, belonging to the line Novum, is located at the two-hour mark. The second hand is placed on a separate dial, located in the lower-left part of the main dial. Roman numerals were chosen as the dial marks on all models of the Novum collection. Keep reading: Review of Aviator Airacobra P45 Chrono watches


Pay attention to the location of the crown. Its place, however, as well as the aperture of the calendar, is unusual! It shifted from the usual position to all of us for “3 hours” and was fixed on the very corner of the square case.

On this general features of the quartz men’s wristwatch in the Novum collection come to an end, and differences begin. Comparison of models with a family consisting of brothers was very useful – in the collection Novum watches, obviously, are distributed based on “younger – older”.

Dial and case

Models “younger” are represented by a wristwatch of Bruno Sohnle 17-13072-741 and model Bruno Sohnle 17-13072-931. The first of the two above-mentioned models, the clock with the number 741 in the title, stands out by the dominance of black. The dial is black, the leather strap on the outside is also made in black. The white line of the strap and the noble shine of the steel case create a mood filled with notes of monochrome. Model 931 differs with a white dial, otherwise, these “brothers” are twins. In one category with them came another clock with a white dial, but the line of the strap on them stands out due to the contrast with the skin color.


“Older” models, as a rule, are equipped with steel bracelets and are presented in two versions – with white and black dials. Their advantage in reliability is that a steel bracelet will withstand what a leather strap can not do. But a steel bracelet increases the total weight of these watches. However, models with a steel bracelet look more aggressive, which does not spoil them at all.

Where the rule – there is an exception. One of the “older brothers” stands apart from everyone else – on the model of the watch Bruno Sohnle 17-33072-931 there is no steel bracelet, the owner meets the already familiar leather strap. The highlight of these watches in the cover of the case – a layer of gilding 10 microns (micrometers) gives sophistication, and the brown color of the strap completes the elegant image.


Men’s quartz watch Bruno Sohnle from the collection Novum resemble a good German car – reliability and convenience of use do not cause censures, the moderately strict image allows you to use this watch under any circumstances. Models with a leather strap emit grace, and their “brothers” with steel bracelets will please the fans of everything powerful and slightly aggressive.

German watches Bruno Sohnle from Novum collection are stylish square cases, good mechanisms, comfortable straps, and bracelets – here it is, the formula of success laid in really good hours.


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