Review of men’s Swiss watches Aerowatch 1942 Moon-phases

Review of men’s Swiss watches Aerowatch 1942 Moon-phases

 The Swiss watch house Aerowatch is an independent company that produces watches since 1910. Since then and to this day the company is run by people for whom it is important to produce high-quality watches without chasing the quantity. The creation of every Swiss watch Aerowatch takes more time than watches of some other manufacturers. In workshops Aerowatch there is no place for haste, here give preference to painstaking work. Manual work always outperformed the stream production, thereby predetermining the price requested for certain watches, which we then see in the windows. We are looking for unusual men’s watches Aerowatch 1942 Moon-phases 74969AA03.

Specifications of Aerowatch 1942

Type of mechanism: mechanical with automatic winding

Caliber:Dubois-Depraz 9231 / SW 200
Clock face:blue
A bracelet:leather belt
Water protection:50metrov
Glass:sapphire protuberant
The calendar:number, phases of the moon
Dimensions:D 42mm, thickness 13.1mm

The juicy-blue details of this model are pleasing to the eye. The blue dial is similar to the ocean – it shimmers in contact with light, like water that flashes when sunlight hits. The ocean sooner or later leads a person to the shore – his role in the hours of the Aerowatch 1942 is played by a steel case 42 mm in diameter. The thickness of the body is 13.1 mm. 

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A sapphire crystal is installed on both sides of the case. The dial is protected by a convex glass, whereas on the back cover the glass is flat. The last of these allows you to observe the work of the caliber Dubois-Depraz 9231 / SW 200, which became the heart of the mechanical watch Aerowatch 1942. The caliber was additionally decorated with 25 stones.


At the bottom of the dial is a calendar indicating the current date. In the left upper part of the dial, you are waiting for the calendar of the phases of the moon. The change in the position of the moon in the sky will accurately correspond to the indications of the moon phases of the hours of the Aerowatch 74969AA03. The lunar calendar is a complication recognized as one of the most exquisite in watchmaking.

The dial of these elegant mechanical watches with automatic winding, as already mentioned above, has a similarity with the ocean, but the water protection of the Aerowatch 74969AA03 model did not improve this. With this watch, you can not dive underwater; they were not developed at all for this. However, they are not afraid of water and ordinary “meetings” with water while washing their hands are not terrible for them. In principle, with the Aerowatch 74969AA03, you can swim, but only very carefully and without sudden movements. The blue leather strap will not suffer from being in the water, and a special folding buckle will not allow the watch to “float” off the wrist if accidentally opened in water or on land.


Model 74969AA03 from the company Aerowatch harmoniously fits into the image of a man who is in love with the beauty of blue. These watches are moderately strict, moderately bright. Aerowatch is still an independent company, whose goal from the first days of its foundation was to manufacture watches with a soul, where high-quality craft is more important than the number of models produced from the workshop. Men’s “mechanics” of Aerowatch 1942, endowed with a self-winding function, is waiting for that very special owner! 

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