Maurice Lacroix Aikon E-Commerce Full Black and Black & Orange

Maurice Lacroix Aikon E-Commerce Full Black and Black & Orange

The two new products of the Swiss manufactory Maurice Lacroix: the “jeans” chronograph Maurice Lacroix Aikon and the long-awaited bronze watch from the same series. Those two models together with the heroes of today’s review make up a special edition, an exclusive offer, a watch available all over the world for purchase only in online stores.

Aikon watches became very popular, appearing on the shelves of stores. And specifically for fans of the Maurice Lacroix series launched the project E-Commerce, including in its original, unusual, outstanding specimens. Those who live in Europe or in the US can use one of the official websites of the brand.

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Maurice Lacroix Aikon features

Maurice Lacroix Aikon  Full Black and Black & Orange

SpecificationsMaurice Lacroix AI1018-PVB01-334-1Maurice Lacroix AI1018-PVB01-333-1
Type of mechanismquartzquartz
Housingsteel with PVD-coatingsteel with PVD-coating
Clock facethe blackthe black
A braceletleather beltrubber
Water protection100WR100WR
Backlightluminescent hands (Superluminova)
Glasssapphire crystal with anti-reflective coatingsapphire crystal
The calendarnumbernumber
dimensionsD 44mmD 44mm
A countrySwitzerlandSwitzerland

Presented today are two Aikon chronographs, functionally and qualitatively in no way inferior to both the aforementioned version of Chrono Blue, and the Maurice Lacroix Aikon AI1018-SS001-130-1 model . A detailed description of the functions of all elements and features of the mechanism of the watch collection of the collection can be found in this review.


Maurice Lacroix Aikon E-Commerce Full Black and Black & Orange

From the blue color of the previous review, go to black. Aikon Chronograph Full Black AI1018-PVB01-333-1 and Aikon Chronograph Black & Orange AI1018-PVB01-334-1 are unique in their own way. Unite their inevitable emotions. Not in vain, the brand returned to the style of twenty years ago. Recall, Aikon – is the reincarnation of the classic collection of Calypso from the 90’s. The combination of a memorable and attractive appearance with impeccable reliability inside is a win-win.


Maurice Lacroix Aikon E-Commerce Full Black and Black & Orange

Combining juicy orange with glossy anthracite in the model AI1018-PVB01-334-1, Maurice Lacroix achieved the appearance of these men’s sports watches. Orange reminds us of special equipment, rescue operations, racing and flying in the sky. In all these cases, close attention and concentration are necessary.

Black – universal male color – here with a grayish coating, so we see a surface of coal with silvery impregnations and a muted shine. If absolutely black – this is the embodiment of darkness and uncertainty, and gray – the plane and lifelessness, then the anthracite, covering all the surfaces of these watches, look lively, deeper and more saturated. This combination of black and grayish metallic plays in contrast to bright orange details, giving the watch swiftness and energy, and at the same time maintaining rigor and tradition.

Dial and Rays

In the radiant surface of the dial like a drop of orange with a shooter. Black here with a barely perceptible brick shade, as if imprinted a game of sunlight. Overhead marks, black arrows, edging around additional dials – glossy. Orange also focuses on the functionality of the clock, they are marked with arrows and seconds chronograph tags, so it’s really more convenient to read the results. Accordingly, the arrows, covered with black, are responsible for indicating the main time. Note that the second hand is located on the indicator in the area of six hours. The aperture of the date is also shifted there.

On the wrist

One of the main distinctive features of the watches of the exclusive series is their special belts. Black & Orange are supplied on a bracelet made of high-quality calfskin leather with crocodile embossing. The theme of the combination of colors continues here too: the black matte is sewn with a contrasting orange thread.

Wide and thick at the body, the strap narrows to the ends, connected by a three-piece buckle-butterfly. It is colored black on all sides. Even the corporate logo here is not in the form of a customary serving button, but integrated into the surface of the belt itself.

All black

The dream of any man who loves a wristwatch, of course, is a model of all black. Whatever clock you like, G-SHOCK or Rolex, sports or classics, sooner or later you’ll think about a completely black model. Here’s an option for you from the Swiss grandees – Maurice Lacroix AI1018-PVB01-333-1 .

Performed in stealth stylistics, such a watch can be recommended not only to the city dandy, but also to the combat officer. Absolutely matt surfaces do not reflect light, sapphire glass does not give glare, from afar the clock may seem like a solid black band around the wrist. And only at the approaching becomes visible the volume and the legendary forms of teeth, covering the bezel.

Exclusive dial

The proprietary radiant image of Aikon’s dial in this watch does not even shine, but rather, only gives depth to the overall picture. In such a coloring, the front surface becomes visually larger. Nothing distracts attention from the main watch destination – time reading. This helps and contrasts the white coating of arrows and marks. If you think that you have visual problems, such a model can help out. The time can be seen in any light, it gets dark – a light accumulator enters into the game, white in bright light, in the twilight it turns green.

Stealth mode

Unlike the sporty fun Aikon Chronograph Black & Orange, the completely black model looks stricter and at the same time more technologically, as if we have a special-purpose military tool. Of course, designers did not ignore the volume bezel, highlighting its rectangular thickening. In one with them, tonality the fastenings of a belt is made out and accents on acting parts are placed: buttons and a crown.

Rubber and sea

To the matte body is well-chosen rubber black belt. Its slightly rough surface is pleasant to the touch and completely absorbs light. In addition, this is a universal solution that allows you to combine the watch with a strict manner or wear them as part of the sports equipment. What could be better during the holiday season than a watch with a 100-meter waterproof and absolutely waterproof bracelet?

The strap is crowned with a classic buckle, matte black with a white logo. As always with Maurice Lacroix, the quality of performance of such a minor detail is striking.

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