How to choose the first child’s Boys and Girls watch 2021? Best Watches for Kids

How to choose the first child’s Boys and Girls watch  2021?

Wristwatch is a good gift for a child, starting from about four years old. With their help, the son or daughter will learn to navigate in time, will begin to get used to punctuality and responsibility for a valuable object, and also – an equally importantly – feel “grown-ups” and feel that they are trusted.

Timex Girls Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

Analog or digital – which child’s watch to choose?

Best Watches for Kids

As the first hours it is worth paying attention to analog models, in which the time on the dial is displayed by arrows. In this case, it is desirable to have all three-hour, minute and second, as well as 12 clear Arabic numerals in a circle and minute risks between them. 

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This is the base from which to begin acquaintance with the concept of time. As soon as the child begins to confidently use the wrist accessory and unmistakably determine on it, which is the hour, you can go to models with a digital display. By the way, digital watches usually have additional functions – they are unlikely to be useful for kids at least up to five years.

Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch

Glass, protecting the dial

Plastic, which often covers the dials of children’s watches, quickly rubbed and faded. The most preferable is mineral glass, this is the golden mean. It is not so easy to break during active games, and small scratches will be formed on the surface much more slowly. But sapphire crystal, on the contrary, is difficult to scratch, but any blow will smash it to pieces. Another point – of the listed it is the most expensive.

Child’s watch mechanism: quartz or mechanical?

Best Watches for Kids

Quartz watches, working on batteries, will give an opportunity to get used to the constancy of time. Unlike mechanical, they do not need to be started regularly, which is not always comfortable even for adults. In addition, the “mechanic” is more fragile, afraid of blows, which the active preschooler can not avoid.

Which strap to choose?

When choosing a strap, it is best to focus on durable polymers (plastic), non-marred NATO fabric or rubber. All of them are light, flexible and for a long time retain their appearance even after playing in nature. Pollution, if they do appear, will not be easy to wash.

Leather strap, titanium or steel bracelet will be more appropriate on the wrist of a child of middle and high school. These options are more expensive and require accuracy in sock, periodic maintenance or even replacement.

Child’s watch Features

Best Watches for Kids

Water resistance will not allow you to remove the watch when it comes into contact with water, which means that the risk of losing them is reduced. The degree of water protection of 30 or 50 meters (3 or 5 ATM, 30 or 50 BAR) means that the watch will withstand splashes during washing hands and raindrops. With a water protection of 100 meters or more (from 10ATM / BAR) you can swim, jump into the water and dive with a mask and snorkel.

Luminescent coating elements of the dial – with it is convenient to look at the time in the dark, and just beautiful, because it happens in different shades. The backlighting of the display, which includes the press of a button, is also a good option.


Best Watches for Kids

As for the design, the color scheme and the overall appearance of the watch – be oriented first of all on the preferences of the child. Favorite cartoon character, interesting topic, favorite color will make the watch not only useful, but also a really nice gift for your little owner.

The cost of the watch should not be too high, so that instead of a pleasant surprise they do not become an additional load.

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