Review watches: Aviator Airacobra P45 Chrono watches

Review watches: Aviator Airacobra P45 Chrono watches 

Swiss brand with Russian roots Aviator deservedly has a reputation as a manufacturer of quality and interesting watches for aviation subjects. Continuing to develop the idea of reliable Swiss watches for reasonable money, the company updated its collection Airacobra.

Review of Aviator Airacobra P45

Airacobra – the plane on which the Soviet ace Pokryshkin made the majority of his victorious flights. He became a symbol of the superiority of our pilots in the air struggle against the fascist invaders. Men’s watches Airacobra P45 Chrono is devoted to the legendary machine and are an evolutionary continuation of the successful Aviator series. Today in the review, two models – Aviator V. and Aviator Watch AVW78341G351, perfectly conveying the fascinating history of a fighter of the Second World War.

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Style Collection

The clock is decorated in a low-key gamut with an emphasis on functionality, it is no coincidence that the small arrows and the date window are highlighted in bright yellow so that the eyes do not lose small details. Due to this readings are read perfectly. The overall design and the dial design speak straightforwardly that it is an aviator’s watch, but quite modern, sort of redesigned to a new retro style. Strictly speaking, like a large streamlined body. And classic leather belts and a retro spirit in appearance will allow combining these sports in general with a casual fashion: a shirt and jeans.

Design of the dial

Clear contrasting dials of both models with their main function – to show information to the user – are doing perfectly well. The dial of Aviator Airacobra P45 Chrono V. is painted black, Aviator Airacobra P45 Chrono V. is deep blue. In the model with a blue dial, the counters are highlighted with a silver coating, and the second hand of the chronograph is yellow. On this the differences end, the remaining details are typical for the hours devoted to aviation.

These are large hour indexes with Superluminova coating and powerful hands, and hourly x-shaped shape, a minute baton with a sharp pommel. The arrows also burn in the dark with a bright green color. Two dials, plotted along the diameter, make the clock a real tool for calculations related to time.

Tachometer and telemetry – special abilities of “aviators”

Thanks to the tachometer, it is possible to measure the average speed of a kilometer section, the available range is 60-500 km / h. And the telemetry measures the distance to the object from the speed of sound. It sounds scientifically sound, but in practice, it is very easy to use this function. For example, during a thunderstorm, start the stopwatch at the moment when you see a flash of lightning and pause when you hear thunder, – the second hand will point to the distance to the epicenter in kilometers. Tip: if you press start and do not even have time to move your finger to a pause, as thunderstruck, – run, the storm is near.


The main time is counted by two central hands – hours and minutes, the right small counter is responsible for seconds. Stopwatch hands are classic for Swiss watches. Central – a large second – is responsible for the seconds of the stopwatch. In normal mode, it always points to twelve and is activated when the measurements are started. The lower small counter counts tenths of a second, the chronograph works with such precision, and after half an hour it takes on the role of a sentry and shows how many laps of thirty minutes have passed. The counter at nine o’clock makes one revolution in half an hour.


The general architecture strongly resembles the watches that were issued for pilots at the dawn of aviation. Now, these are streamlined forms of the modern device, the watches have grown in size, which makes them look like a mechanical model with the Valjoux 7750 inside. The body and clasp are made of 316L steel resistant to various influences, such metal withstands temperatures up to 925С. The steel surface is subjected to matte grinding and only the outer ring of the bezel is polished to a mirror finish. This treatment reduces the number of scratches visible to the eye during socks.

The large crown is made according to all the laws of the genre, it is large, with perceptible facets, due to which it is easy and convenient to operate the clock. It is screwed, providing additional waterproofing to the watch. The stopwatch push pots were clearly created with an eye on the turbines of the aircraft, this is the first thought that arises when looking at them. The button stroke is soft and smooth. Pressing is accompanied by a clear click, do not go wrong.

All new Aviator models are equipped with sapphire glasses with a double anti-reflective coating, which makes the glass absolutely transparent for viewing at any angle.

Back cover

Unusually designed multi-component back cover. Its surface is decorated with 3D engraving. It reminds me of the fuselage of a fighter lined with metal sheets. The lid is screwed to open it, you need a special tetrahedral key. It can be seen that the manufacturer did not save on small things, firing watches worthy of the shelves of an enthusiastic collector.


The heart of the watch is a quartz caliber made by Ronda. This is a stopwatch with the ability to track several time slots at the same time. In combination with these complications in the form of telemetry and a tachometer, the chronograph becomes an excellent tool for all occasions. In general, Aviator Airacobra P45 became even better, look more solid, but at the same time, they kept the price tag at the same level.

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